Estate Planning

Business Law

In today’s business world, it is crucial to be able to understand the complex regulations and laws surrounding business practices. At Life Point Law, our attorneys draw from years of practice in the Pacific Northwest business sphere in order to aid our clients in navigating complex business legislation.

Entity Formation & Legal Strategy

In the rapidly expanding and evolving economy of the Pacific Northwest, start up businesses are emerging at an unprecedented rate. At Life Point Law, we can offer a myriad of services to clients looking to form businesses in order to ensure that nothing that could create possible obstacles in the future is overlooked. We work with all types of businesses and can offer services including the drafting and filing of all the essential paperwork required to form a business in the Pacific Northwest, the development of strategies relating to the structure of your business, forming LCCs, corporate finance services, tax regulations, and more.


Unfortunately, lawsuits end up coming up at some point for almost every business. Ranging from liability and damage suits filed by customers, lawsuits from current and former employees, and legal action taken by one business against another, lawsuits can either be a problematic obstacle, or an important tool for protecting your business. We have experience representing all types of clients including businesses, employees, and consumers. Whether you are seeking damages due to product liability, wrongful termination, contract violations, copyright infringement, stolen intellectual property, or other reasons, we will work tirelessly in order to help you achieve the result you deserve. On the other hand, we also know that businesses can often become the victim of frivolous lawsuits which can pose a serious threat to their operations. Life Point Law’s attorneys have a long history of defending businesses in litigation, mediation, and the negotiation of settlements.


Issues involving financial disputes between multiple parties in business transactions can be one of the most tedious and exhausting aspects of running, or dealing with businesses. Whether these issues arise between businesses and creditors, or between customers or clients of businesses, we take pride in our history of success when it comes to finding satisfactory solutions for our clients. 

While transactions between businesses and customers or clients usually run smoothly, issues regarding unresolved payments are somewhat regular occurrences. We serve both businesses and customers. Whether ensuring that your business secures payment from an indebted customer, or defending customers and from collection claims made by businesses, we bring years of experience and skill to the table to represent you in litigation, arbitration, mediation, and the negotiating of settlements. 

Life Point Law also offers services regarding disputes between businesses and creditors. Although most businesses prosper, some will unfortunately encounter financial difficulties. We serve both businesses and creditors in collection cases. Our team of business attorneys can offer legal counsel with issues relating to bankruptcy, debt settlement negotiations, company buyouts and mergers, and business liquidation.


When it comes to business law, one of the most complicated and difficult-to-navigate areas involves the rules and regulations regarding employment practices. Our clients include both employers and employees. We offer legal representation in litigation, arbitration, mediation, settlement negotiation, and alternative dispute methods in disputes between employers and employees. We also offer services involving the drafting of employee contracts, the drafting and filing of important employment documents, the creation and development of employee benefit plans, negotiations between employers and unions, and more.

Class Action Litigation

Life Point Law has extensive experience both pursuing and defending class action lawsuits. While we recognize that class action lawsuits can play an important role in holding businesses, organizations and individuals accountable, we also know that these groups can become the victim of frivolous class action suits.

Our firm has intimate knowledge of the Washington court system and laws related to class action litigation. Our skilled team of attorneys looks forward to engaging in litigation upon your party’s behalf, or helping you pursue a settlement which satisfies all parties.